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A female led audio production company creating great experiences for clients and listeners.

We help brands and individuals harness the power of audio and find their voice by creating the stage that allows them to inform, to educate, to entertain and tell their story.

We bring ‘brands’ and your podcast concept to life, creating experiences that inspire and ensuring a personal connection with the listener.

We collaborate with you, creating bespoke strategies and podcasts that stand out and represent you and your brand.

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Our Services


  • In Studio & Remote Recording
  • Direction
  • Post Production Editing and Mixing


  • Sourcing and Recording Voiceovers
  • Audio Branding, Promotional trains & Idents
  • Artwork


  • Creating and perfecting your concept
  • Content planning booking guests and research
  • Scriptwritting


  • Set up and hosting site
  • Analytics
  • Social Media Strategy
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How we work

Production Timeline

Timeline Timeline Phone

Concept work, Strategy and Script Writing

Remote Recording

Editing and Mixing

Delivery of Assets

Distribution to Apple Spotify and more

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Concept Work, Strategy and Scriptwriting

Pre Production

Pre-production steps aims to bring your concept to life.

Scriptwriting produces the podcast outline and episode structure

  • Introduction: what the podcast is about, who is presenting, whos the guest is, teaser clips of 'what's coming up'.

  • Main body of podcast: conversation split into segments based on topic and line of questioning.

  • Outro: reflection on the podcast episode and it's takeaways, thanks to guest and listeners, call to action for the next episode and to follow and share with friends and teaser clips of the next episode.

Professional Artwork

Musical Branding

Guest booking and diary co-ordination

Production Schedule


Remote Recording

production: Remote Recording
  • Loan of professional microphones for duration of recordings
  • Facilitation of remote recording via high quality recording line
  • Recording 6-10 episodes per podcast season
  • Talent and guest direction and management
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Video content recording via Zoom

The remote recording works via two links:

  • Zoom, for video content and to see each other

  • Cleanfeed, a high quality recording line allowing your producer to take a feed directly from your microphone

  • You will record the main podcast during a 60- 90 minute remote recording session at a suitable time for you and your guest/s
  • You will record your intro/outro in a 30-45 minute remote recording session after the interview or main segment of the podcast
  • Your producer will guide you through each recording


Editing and Mixing

production: editing and mixing
  • recorded audio edited in professional editing software, creating a slick final podcast episode
  • 6-10 episodes edited and mixed per season
  • musical branding added across intro/outro/stabs to segment sections
  • edit and transcript provided for client feedback
  • re-edits completed based on client feedback
  • final podcast episode provided in WAV and MP3
  • additional assets created: mini teaser episode, trailer, videograms or audiograms, QR code and embeddable player for your website


Distribution, Assets delivered

Final podcast episode provided in WAV and MP3 with transcript - and distributed to Apple, Spotify, Google and other major platforms
Bespoke podcast episode title and show notes written for each episode
Mini 5-8 minute 'teaser' episode provided in WAV and MP3 and distributed to major platforms
Series trailer provided in WAV and MP3 and distributed to major platforms
Embeddable player provided for use on client website
QR codes provided for each podcast episode
Videograms or audiograms delivered as short social assets to promote the podcast

What's Next?

Timeline of whats next Timeline of whats next Phone

Concept work, Strategy and Script Writing

Remote Recording

Editing and Mixing

Delivery of Assets

Distribution to Apple Spotify and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

A podcast is the Netflix show, BBC iPlayer series or ITV Hub playback of the audio world. You can listen to pre-recorded bespoke and pre-played digital audio files from the comfort of your headphones, wherever you are, via your digital device, on topics as far ranging and differing as humans are.

25% of UK adults listen to podcasts every week, mostly for entertainment and the learn, with male 25-34 year olds being the largest market. Podcasts are skewed towards the ABC1 socio-economic group and people hear about and find their favourite shows via social media and word of mouth.
data taken from the RAJAR MIDAS Report Winter 2021

  • For marketing! Podcasts can be listened to anywhere, and other marketing channels can’t necessarily – which gives you a satep ahead in the marketing game. Podcasts are a great way for your clients to trust and get to know you. Lead conversion rates are close to 20% - a huge result!
  • You control your message. We work with you to craft something that truly represents you and your brand, and hits your listeners ears in a personal and intimate way.
  • Learning and Growth. You need to make sure you know your audience, understand what they’re looking for and research the competition too. It’s a great way to keep on top of trends and developments within your industry.
  • Developing skills. Whether that’s public speaking, guest negotiation or marketing – there’s always something to learn in the ever-changing podcast sphere.

  • If you have more than 26 downloads, you’re in the top 50% of podcasts
  • If you have more than 72 downloads, you’re in the top 25% of podcasts
  • If you have more than 231 downloads, you’re in the top 10% of podcasts
  • If you have more than 539 downloads, you’re in the top 5% of podcasts
  • If you have more than 3062 downloads, you’re in the top 1% of podcasts

Your producer will be your guide and critical friend throughout the production process; from coming up with or honing your concept, to guest booking, planning and writing the script for each episode, recording, editing and mixing the audio, getting it to Apple, Spotify and everywhere else you’d expect to listen – and helping you get the word out there via social assets, strategy and QR codes.

We love helping with consultancy! Podcasters can book an hour – or a block of hours – of virtual sessions with us and we’ll answer all their questions, help with tech and brainstorm ideas and solutions on all things podcasting.

Tenacity and consistency will always go a long way in the audio world (and life!) – and research shows that successful podcasters are much more likely to be active in their marketing as well as having high-quality production values. Having a plan, a script and a direction for the listener to follow your audio journey in, also makes a huge difference to podcasting success.

A podcast series is typically a minimum of 6-10 episodes long – and 74% of higher-income podcasters have published more than 100 episodes.

Research shows that 22 minutes is the optimum listening time for a podcast – but they range from 10-minute ‘bite-sized’ coffee break podcasts, to 90-minute in-depth conversations which listeners might listen to in chunks.
We favour a mixed approach at Pineapple – with 20-30 minutes as the aim but offer listeners a shorter episode in addition to a longer one if we’re looking at more like 60-90 minutes.

An idea! Just the gem of an idea is enough to get the ball rolling; something you’re passionate about – and something you want to talk about to guests, listeners and your social following. Plus, an enthusiasm to really throw yourself into making something exciting.

Pineapple offers podcast production services; from concept, to headphones.
We help clients hone their podcast concept, book guests, outline a script, provide the right tech and prepare for recording. We record the podcast (remotely or in a studio), edit and mix it – and make sure it gets to all the podcast platforms your listener will expect it to be on. We’ll help you promote it via social media, assets and QR codes.
We also offer podcast consultancy for those who just want a few hours of virtual time to ask questions, check they’re on the right track and get to the next level.

Pineapple is a bespoke podcast production company. We take time to make sure we’re working on projects we really believe in, and have a highly qualified production team working across guest booking, prep, content, studio production, audio production and socials. We’re a female led team with a commercial radio production background, producing radio quality across podcasts.

Pineapple helps you get your message heard, in a long-form audio way. No 30-second ads here! You can really share your brand ethos across 30-60 minutes of audio time and offer your listeners value, as well as a sales pitch.
Our Work


  • “The team were so welcoming and made the entire experience a joy. I had a lot of fun and felt very confident and happy working in such an environment.“

  • “Thanks so much for the opportunity, love working with you guys! X”
  • “It was honestly a pleasure to work with such amazing people and the output sounded amazing. Had a great time and would love to get involved with more projects in the future!”